The “vintage t-shirt” has become an obvious worldwide obsession. Many companies have tackled the recreation of rocker t’s and pop culture graphic tees. We see them all over the place in various fits and they continue to sell because the “past” is proven cool.

Aviator Nation has taken the vintage t-shirt reproduction to the next level. Paige Mycoskie, creator of Aviator Nation, has spent years collecting her own vintage tees. She has never been into buying the reproductions of rocker tees and other vintage reproductions because in her opinion the new ones don’t look or feel anything like a true vintage piece. Paige’s obsession with authentic vintage t-shirts, specifically “vintage sports t-shirts” has inspired Aviator Nation.

The passion Mycoskie has for creating a line that really lives up to authentic vintage left her no choice but to begin studying how t-shirts and sweatshirts were actually produced in the past. Paige has studied vintage fabrics all the way back to what machines were used to weave the fibers and which fibers were being used. Paige has studied screen printing, inks and techniques used prior to modern development. She has even managed to find sewing machines used to sew and finish garments in the 60’s and 70’s and brought them into her manufacturing plant in Los Angeles so that even the stitch work is authentically done the exact way it was done in years past.

The result is a t-shirt and sweatshirt that actually looks like it was pulled off the rack of a thrift store. People that see an Aviator Nation garment fall in love with it and they’re not really sure why. Many people love the way the stuff feels because it’s super broken in from day one of wearing it. Other people love the designs because the “retro sporty look” is definitely a cool and fresh alternative to the rocker tees that are flooding the market today.

In addition to creating t-shirts and sweatshirts that look and feel vintage Mycoskie has taken her designs another step further and developed an appliqué technique using single needle stitch work to give each garment a one of a kind effect. So each piece is truly stitched by hand and comes out a little different from the one before.

Aviator Nation, named after Mycoskie’s love for Aviator Sunglasses has been compared to classic brands like Op because of it is obvious California inspiration. Mycoskie has spent years in California surfing the west coast and kicking back with friends enjoying an energy packed outdoor lifestyle. Her lifestyle and love for surfing are directly transpired in her designs.

Some are calling it retro and some are just calling it Rad but either way it’s obviously different and becoming an obsession among the people finding it.